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1. Возможности и преимущества лаборатории VIST_LAB

Лаборатория #VIST_LAB - это новый подход для анализа, прогноза и торговли в мире трейдинга. Все говорят об уровнях цены - мы говорим об уровнях времени. VIST_LAB - это оригинальный авторский проект, который отвечает на самый важный вопрос для трейдера: "Когда?"... Когда или в котором часу начнётся движение в Buy или Sell на любом торговом инструменте. Система VIST_LAB вычисляет и показывает в терминалах Mt5 и Mt4 расписание движения крупных игроков в конкретное время на неделю вперёд. Пользуясь продуктом лаборатории VIST_LAB, вы получаете возможность следовать за движением денег и получать прибыль, что вдохновит вас на новые победы в трейдинге.

2. Свойства и выгода

Лаборатория #VIST_LAB даёт 90 % положительных сигналов. Что позволяет получать прибыль от 10 до 20 % в день. Всё зависит от уровня трейдера. Скрипт VIST_LAB работает на всех инструментах Mt5 и Mt4, а их более 200 (в зависимости от брокера и типа счёта). Время входа в сделку мы называем таймингами (тайминг Buy - синий флаг на графике, тайминг Sell - красный флаг на графике). Для скальпинга и бинарных опционов система эффективно работает на таймфреймах от 5 до 30 минут. VIST_Lab - это эффективный и комфортный трейдинг внутри дня. Скрипт рассчитывает минимальное,среднее и максимальное количество pips движения торгового инструмента, что помогает трейдеру заранее оценить риск и прибыль. Часовой пояс скрипт VIST_Lab устанавливает автоматически.

3. Почему именно скрипт #VIST_LAB?

Перед вами продукт функционального анализа и нейротехнологий в одном скрипте. Сложная система представлена таким образом, что доступна для понимания трейдеру любого уровня. Новичок в мире трейдинга быстрее научится правильно анализировать рынок и получать прибыль. Прогнозируемые сигналы #BUY/SELL графически представлены в терминале.

Тайминги любого инструмента можно будет в #VIST_Lab настроить как под свою стратегию торговли. Или использовать только сигналы системы. Скрипт VIST_LAB - это готовый бизнес и неограниченные возможности для экспериментов с любыми торговыми инструментами. В конце торговой недели, например, в субботу, нужно задать в скрипт дату будущего понедельника. Программа сразу вам рассчитает все торговые сигналы (#Тайминги) на следующую неделю. Можно распечатать и торговать в телефоне без привязки к компьютеру.

#VistLab signal

Today I continue to describe our author's scalping system. We have been giving free signals on financial instruments for a long time. But sometimes they put a flag for a post without even sorting out the information. Any system should be carefully studied before using it in real trading. But people don't like to strain their brains, they want to get everything at once. If they fail, then they find the guilty ones. But that's not the point. We have left a few tools that you can use to get free signals. The rest are all paid. I think when a person has bought something, invested money, then he will study the topic more and turn on the brain. Working on the stock exchange is always a risk. We also have failures if we violate the rules of our system. Today we will talk a little about the rules of the author's VIST system.
I think few people will refuse to have a forecast for the time of entering into a transaction on financial instruments for a week ahead. The entire system of the VIST project is based on
time levels and is designed to work within the day. Indicators and scripts of the system perform
an important and unusual task-they count timings (time levels) and display them in the terminal in the form of flags (trading signals) for a week ahead for any financial instrument (currency, metals, oil, cryptocurrency, stocks, indices).
The blue flag is buy, the red flag is sell. Already on the current Saturday , the trader receives timings (time levels) for the whole week ahead for any instruments. It remains to apply your own risk system, assess the situation on the trading instrument and hit the road!
We strongly recommend that you observe the signals of the system for at least a week (consider it as work in the laboratory), consider different tools and set different parameters for the system, look at the operation of timings on the history, conduct an analysis. It is worth remembering that this is more suitable for the scalping style. You need to take the profit that the script or indicator recommends. The rest of the waiting and conducting a transaction is only your trading experience and compliance with risks.

In the near future, our indicators and scripts will be available on other trading platforms.

Practical tips for working with the author's VIST timing system and a description for any script and indicator:

There are the following tools according to our author's system:
---- A free script for MT4 and MT5. For these scripts, there are two tools every week that you can observe, analyze, and study. After a week of studying, you can start using trading signals (Timings). Take your time, carefully understand everything.
---Script and indicator for MT4 and MT5, which are rented out monthly. This opens up opportunities for all the tools that are available in MT4 and MT5. We call these products the trading laboratory. You can choose any parameters for trading and any tool. The indicator and the script will provide you with trading signals (timings) that you will select. There is an automatic mode where the indicator and the script select the optimal values. When working with an indicator or a script, as it is convenient for anyone, great opportunities for market research open up.
2. Intraday trading, scalping (5-30 minutes).
3. The VIST system is designed for any level of trader.
4.It doesn't matter if you are using a script or an indicator. They contain the same author's method. Different products are written only for ease of use. Someone likes to use scripts, and someone likes to use indicators. In practice, the script does not load the terminal at all. He counts once and goes to "sleep" until you change some parameters and make him count again.
5. In the scripts and indicators, for the tools you set, there is a text file with a forecast for the week ahead. Path: MQL - >File->Text file. Perhaps someone needs to print out all the signals.
6. Timings (trading signals) give 90% of positive trades.
7. It can be used on binary options.
8. The blue flag is BUY, the red flag is SELL. Each flag has an entry time written on it.
9. The indicator or script writes on the screen how many pips of profit can be obtained by timings.
10. The indicator has a trader's advance alarm clock.
11. The error of entering timings plus or minus three minutes.
12. If the price has made a sufficiently large movement in one direction – do not enter the timing in this direction, if there is one.
13. Keep an eye on the support levels (we do not enter the sell timings) and resistance levels (we do not enter the buy timings).
No one has canceled manipulations in the trading system. Our trading time is from 3-00 to 20-00. We do not trade on Friday and during quarterly expirations. In the first week of the month, it is better to skip Thursday and Friday. This also applies to the last week of the month. Trading on some important news can also be skipped until you study the system and gain experience in trading.

Ask questions and join us in the Telegram channel @vistmany.



Ask questions and join us in the Telegram channel @vistmany..


Ask questions and join us in the Telegram channel @vistmany..

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