Optimal settings of the iVISTscalp5 forecast indicator

    iVISTscalp5 indicator is a unique system of forecasts for the week ahead for any instrument in the mt5 trading terminal. We have done all the most difficult things. A trader needs to put in a little effort and study trading based on time forecasts (timings). Scalping time levels are a completely new approach that we were able to implement using the iVISTscalp5 indicator and ScalpAuT Trading Advisor. The main thing is to study the basic rules of our forecast system for fast scalping by time levels.

Advantages of the iVISTscalp5 forecast indicator:

1. The iVISTscalp5 indicator is a completely ready–made system for fast scalping according to timings (forecasts). Install on the M1 time frame!
2. The indicator can be used to forecast any financial instrument in mt5. You get an average of 95% positive forecasts. By studying the operation of the iVISTscalp5 indicator, you will gradually come to a 100% positive profit.
3. The iVISTscalp5 indicator automatically calculates the forecast for scalping based on the time of your mt5 terminal. You don't need to configure anything.
4. All settings of the iVISTscalp5 indicator can be used by default for all financial instruments. You don't waste time trying to figure out the parameters for a long time. You bought it and immediately test it on the financial pairs you work with.
5. The MT5 trading terminal can be easily installed on a computer or laptop, and the iVISTscalp5 indicator can be launched. Open a free mt5 demo account, install the mt5 trading terminal and use the indicator forecasts on the trading platform on which you trade. For example, you can register, open a demo account and download mt5 here.
6. For traders who trade only by phone, we have created a website. Our website presents forecasts of the iVISTscalp5 indicator in real time.
7. The iVISTscalp5 indicator is an effective simulator for self–learning trading.
8. The iVISTscalp5 indicator relieves tension and does most of the scalper's work. You get a forecast not only for time levels (timings), but also the average profit value that you can get. Your task is to analyze and make a decision. In addition, to regulate the degree of risk.


Simple settings of the iVISTscalp5 indicator Each trader has his own trading style. Some people trade long-term and can make one or two trades per month. Other traders sit at the computer all day and take scalps on some financial instrument. They can make 10-30 transactions per day. Other scalpers make two or three trades a day in large volume, but they analyze it very carefully. As a result, they get a good profit. The iVISTscalp5 indicator can be customized to suit your trading style. Today we will give the most optimal parameters for the iVISTscalp5 indicator. All you have to do is take a test and choose the best option for your trading style. All settings are suitable for any financial instrument.


OPTION 1 (Using the iVISTscalp5 indicator by default)
Novice traders with these settings of the iVISTscalp5 indicator are better off working on 2-3 trading weeks. These parameters are suitable for professional scalpers, who instantly determine which timings (forecasts) are best ignored. With such settings, the iVISTscalp5 indicator can be used by scalpers for any trading week. Professional traders can master the forecast system within one day. Additionally, you can read the basic rules of our scalping system once.
It will take 2-3 weeks for a novice trader to learn our forecasting system. To do this, the iVISTscalp5 indicator should be used as a simulator for understanding market situations. Run the iVISTscalp5 indicator in the mt5 strategy tester and observe how forecasts (timings) are performed on different days. You can test different parameters, which will be presented in this article. In parallel, you trade on timings on a demo account. It's best if your workouts last one or two months (or as long as you need for understanding and confidence). You must trade on timings (time levels) on a demo account every day using the rules of the system.


Tinctures of the iVISTscalp5 forecast indicator (timings) to determine the direction of the pulse at 60 minutes. Use these settings in conjunction with the settings Option 1. Never deviate from the rules of the scalping system by time levels! Working by the rules and discipline is the way to success.

How do I use Option 2 settings in conjunction with Option 1?


It is best to use such settings of the iVISTscalp5 indicator for 2-3 trading weeks of the month.

1. First, install the iVISTscalp5 indicator, for example, on the XAUUSD pair. To do this, open two XAUUSD windows on M1 timeframes. The iVISTscalp5 indicator calculates all forecasts using one-minute candles.
2. The iVISTscalp5 indicator gives a forecast for any instrument for the week ahead! Therefore, every trader has the opportunity to analyze and assess the situation on the currency pair in advance. It is difficult to see the forecast for the whole week on the chart. But in the iVISTscalp5 indicator, it is possible to get in text form all the time levels for scalping for the week ahead.
3. Let's take an example of two settings of the iVISTscalp5 indicator. For example, take the XAUUSD pair. At the bottom of the photo on the left is the setting Option 1. On the right is Option 2. We remind you that all forecasts calculated by the iVISTscalp5 indicator are displayed on the chart. On the chart you can also see all the main price levels, channels, volume accumulation, trend lines and trend averages (ATR - sigma averages). The analysis should be comprehensive!
4. Compare the timings (time levels) on both charts. The iVISTscalp5 indicator with the dt_min=60 parameter gives a forecast of the main pulse in the time interval plus or minus 60 minutes. The iVISTscalp5 indicator with the dt_min=7 parameter gives a forecast for fast scalping within plus or minus 7 minutes.
5. Be sure to take into account the basic rules of our forecasting system. Important news background and expirations can greatly change the timing of forecasts. Pay attention to this. On weekends, be sure to make a table for the entire trading week with all the important events that may affect your trading by timings (forecasts).
6. In the photo below, we analyze what is on the seven-minute timings (upper graph) and on the 60- minute timings (lower graph). If both charts have buy spectra in a certain interval, we understand that we can open buy orders based on seven-minute timings (forecasts).

This variant of the iVISTscalp5 indicator parameters calculates a forecast for the week ahead for any financial instrument based on the quotation history of longer options and futures contracts. It is best to use such settings of the iVISTscalp5 indicator for the first and last trading weeks of the month. All settings of the iVISTscalp5 indicator are suitable for any financial instrument in the MetaTrader 5 terminal. Choose the options that are most suitable for you to trade effectively. To do this, run more tests and study the operation of the indicator.

How do I upload the iVISTscalp5 indicator to the mt5 terminal for testing?

How to buy our tools for effective trading?

There are only two purchase options:
First: on the official MQL5 website
Second: contact one of the creators of the project in Telegram @rosy440

ScalpAuT Trading Advisor test in "Double Timings" mode

Here is a ScalpAuT Trading Advisor test in double-timing trading mode. We have shown examples of trading on double timings many times. Now this trading mode is implemented in our trading advisor. The bot's operating time is indicated in UTC+2.
Financial instrument XAUUSD.
Testing period: from 2.01.2023 to 9.01.2024 (per year).
Deposit: $1000.
Test results: Total Net Profit +24,600$.
Profit factor +67%.
Drawdown 23%.
Sharpe Ratio +77%.

The financial market is governed by one law: Supply and Demand

The secret of trading is to understand what is going on inside each session. I hope you know what sessions there are and the time of their opening/closing. Each session is a real bazaar or auction. There are no accidents in the market, but there are coincidences that happen every day. Our timing system finds these matches. Using a certain author's method, we learned how to calculate them. The basis of the system is time. 90-95% of successful forecasts (time levels) is a lot. And we are glad that our long-term research and experience have been embodied in our iVISTcsalp5 indicator. Fast independent training and application in the work of a trader - this is exactly the task we set for ourselves. There are many trading systems, the choice is always individual. The main thing is that you make a profit.

VISTmany is an innovative early prediction system
which forecasts for one week ahead for any financial instrument

    If you want to have something you've never had, start doing something you've never done

   There are different systems of early forecasting in the world. To build and plan new projects, people always wanted to know some information in advance for the effectiveness of building a business or some process. We are no exception. While researching financial markets, the task was set: to determine the influence of time or time intervals on the dynamics of financial instruments.
    Today I will introduce you to our VISTmany forecasting system. The forecasting system is designed for effective scalping in trading. The forecast for the week ahead for any financial instrument is a completely new approach in the financial market.
   It is the forecast for 7 days ahead that our forecasting system gives with very high accuracy in the financial market. The tool for calculating the forecast is the iVISTscalp5 indicator and ScalpAuT trading Advisor. They are written in the MQL5 language for the MetaTrader 5 trading terminal. The VISTmany prediction system can be used on binary options.
The unique VISTmany calculation technology can be applied to any financial instrument: stocks, currency pairs, indices, metals, oil, cryptocurrency. After completing the study of the influence of time on the movement of a financial instrument, a powerful scalping laboratory turned out. Each trader can flexibly adjust the forecasting system to his trading style. If you are a novice trader, you can use the default settings for any instrument. The system with high accuracy gives a forecast for the week ahead according to the following parameters:
1) Forecast of time levels (timings).
2) Forecast of the profit size for each timing.

    Any forecasting system has a probabilistic nature. This is how the forecast differs from the plan. The greater the probability of prediction, the more efficient the system is. The author's VISTmany system gives a forecast of 90-95% positive performance.

Making a forecast may include the basic rules:
1. Definition of forecast goals.
2. Analysis of aggregate data.
3. The choice of the forecasting method.

    Let's gradually answer all the points of the forecasting rules that we used to create the VISTmany trading system.
To begin with, we have always been interested in the question of the regularity of the financial market. And also the influence of time on the intensity of movement. The main task was to find the time intervals where the price is most likely to move up or down. Scalping has always been a priority for us. But scalping is not by price levels, but by time levels. The task remained to find these levels, if there are any. At that time, we did not think about the fact that we would forecast for the week ahead not only the time levels, but also the average profit that can be obtained at this time.

1. Definition of forecast goals.
Every trader with experience always allocates some time for himself to enter the market. Someone trades only in the American session, someone likes a quiet Asian session. So, the goal of the study was set: to find time intervals where the price locally makes short impulses up and down.
2. Analysis of aggregate data.
The history of quotations of a financial instrument is a database for data analysis. They are provided by any broker. A logical question arises. What volume of quotes should I use? If you use the logic of futures and options contracts, then you can start with the history of weekly quotes. Then monthly, two-month contracts and so on.
Experimentally, we found out that the most effective value for scalping is the history of quotations of a financial instrument for 5 weeks. An interesting result was also shown by the history of 8 weeks. To quickly verify the authenticity of the experimental results, we used a neural network. It confirmed the effectiveness of the selected period of the quotation history of 5 weeks.
A short description of the data analysis does not mean at all that this research process was fast. To analyze the data, a search engine was written, which was designed to identify and pre-process local impulses for a future forecasting system.
3. The choice of the forecasting method.
To study the influence of time, or more precisely, time intervals, we used mathematical modeling. Statistical methods and differential analysis were used in the process. We used a high-frequency filter to search for useful signals. Later, regression analysis was used to build channels to use the forecasting system. For scalping, it is convenient to see the boundaries and the slope of the movement of the charts of financial instruments. The result of our long–term study of the influence of time is a prediction indicator for scalping iVISTscalp5. Experimental data have shown that for scalping, the most effective time interval for calculating timings (forecasts of time levels) is 7 minutes. We have received amazing data that our VISTmany system predicts:

1) Time is really an important parameter for analysis and forecast in the financial market.
2) It turned out that there can be an average of 15-20 scalping timings per day on each financial instrument. This forecast can be used in trading.
3) We have found a method to determine timings (forecast of time levels) for any financial instrument for the week ahead.
4) In the course of research, we learned that the calculation of timings (forecasts of time levels) depends on the selected time interval for analyzing the history of quotes. For scalping, it is effective to use 5 weeks of quote history and 7 minute time intervals for analyzing and calculating the forecast of time levels (timings).
5) During the research, we learned to predict not only the time levels, but also the profit forecast (the average number of points/pips of price movement) at this time.
6) The results of the execution of forecasts are 90-95%. This is a very high indicator.

    We have gathered all our trading experience to transform time into money. The VISTmany trading forecasting system is a time machine that will change the approach to trading in the financial market. The iVISTscalp5 scalping indicator is a non–linear approach for making a forecast. Only non-linearity is effective in building trading strategies in the world of trading. The VISTmany forecasting system is designed for both novice traders and professionals.
    The iVISTscalp5 scalping indicator can act as a simulator for forming the thinking of novice traders. The iVISTscalp5 indicator removes a huge psychological burden of the trader. It only takes discipline and a little practice to learn our forecast system and work on it.