Innovative forecasting system.

Scalping by time levels

    VISTmany is an innovative forecasting system for traders to work on different trading platforms. The basis of the forecasting system is timings. Timings are a forecast of time levels for scalping on any financial instrument for a week ahead in the MT5 terminal. Working with the VISTmany system is very simple. We see the timing of the red color - we sell, the blue color - we buy. The VISTmany scalping system is suitable for any person. This is a ready-made business that is easy to learn and make a profit every day.

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    The video shows the work of our author's prediction system for scalping. The iVISTscalp5 indicator works on the example of the XAUUSD pair. The indicator independently calculates the forecast of time levels for trading on any instrument in the MT5 terminal. The red and blue arrows appear on the chart at the time of the timing. You always know the forecast for the week ahead. This fact gives you time to evaluate and analyze your favorite financial instruments for the next week. Knowing the forecast of opening orders and takeprofit, the trader removes a huge psychological burden. The trader's work is also simplified in terms of various calculations. It remains only to make a decision on opening an order. The forecasting system gives 90-95% of positive trades.

    Impulse trading on timings is a quick profit according to time forecasts. On the website you will find a description of our system, which is already presented in two versions. The first use case is the iVISTscalp5 forecast indicator for the mt5 trading terminal. The second option is the web version of the iVISTscalp5 indicator on our website, which is very convenient for mobile traders. In real time, on our website in the ScalpingVIST laboratory, it is always possible to analyze the timings and the main levels of some financial instruments. XAUUSD (GOLD) time levels (timings) are broadcast for free on our website.
    The goal of the project is to teach you how to turn time into money. Before you start trading at time levels (timings), be sure to study the rules of the system and test the iVISTscalp5 indicator. The iVISTscalp5 indicator is a system for predicting time levels (timings) for any instrument in mt5 for the week ahead. Trade with pleasure and get profit! In addition to the iVISTscalp5 scalping indicator for manual trading, our team has developed a time-level Trading Advisor. ScalpAuT is for people who know or are just learning to use algorithmic Forex trading. ScalpAuT is written for the mt5 terminal.

    There is a schedule of timings. Winter time (UTC+2): from 03:00 to 19:00. Summer time (UTC+3): from 04:00 to 20:00. In our scalping lab, ScalpingVIST on the website timings time in UTC.

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