ScalpAuT Trading Advisor 

ScalpAuT Scalping Expert Advisor parameters and their interpretation

ScalpAuT Trading Advisor was created to automate day trading by timings. This is the scalper's assistant. The Trading Advisor must be installed on a timeframe of 1 minute. For effective scalping and profit, a trader can change the value of the "Lot", "Buy", "Sell" parameters during the day's work. The leverage for the trading Advisor can be selected 1:500.
1. Week – the number of weeks to calculate timings.
1) For daily scalping, the best value is 5 weeks.
2) It is better to use the value of 8 weeks for investing.

We do not recommend installing it for less than 5 weeks. This violates the logic of the timing system. When optimizing the ScalpAuT Trading Advisor, do not change this parameter! When optimizing, choose 5 or 8.
2. dT_min – selection of the time level interval.
According to the statistics and logic of the daily scalping system by timings, the best value is 7 minutes. Less than 7 minutes can be used for binary options. For another type of trading, values of more than 7 minutes can be applied. It depends on your trading style. If you want to choose a different time interval of the timing, then you need to optimize other values of the trading advisor, except for the “week" parameter.
3. Lot – % of the deposit for each transaction. The "Lot" value is the percentage of the deposit that you allocate for one scalping transaction. Depending on the market situation, you can increase or decrease this parameter. We always remember that the Trading Advisor was created for scalping.
4. BARS_LINE – the number of candles (the value of one candle is 15 minutes) to build a daily channel. You can change this parameter according to your trading style.
5. BUY – enable/disable buy.
6. SELL - enable/disable sell.
7. no_trading – specified days when the bot will not trade. There are certain days when it is better to turn off the Trading Advisor. Especially if you can't control its operation. On the first and third Friday of the month, the trading advisor is definitely not included! In the no_trading parameter, you can set the date when the bot will not trade. On the days of quarterly expiration (every third Thursday in March, June, September and December) the bot should not work. And also on Friday after the quarterly expiration.

An instruction when an order or orders opened by the ScalpAuT bot on timings are at a loss.

We have simplified the external settings of the ScalpAuT Trading Advisor to the maximum. Anyone can easily work with them. Everything is logical and understandable. The most basic settings are hidden in the intelligent mathematical core of the VIST system. Usually, the scalper should not allow such situations when the bot needs to open auxiliary orders. But we understand that everyone has a different level of experience and knowledge. And everyone has the right to buy a ScalpAuT trading advisor for their work. Therefore, a security system was made. If you have not studied the work of a trading advisor and have not learned how to manage it, then the system will not be able to provide 100% security.
It should be remembered that ScalpAuT was created in order to simplify scalper trading and automate routine work. The speed of the bot is always faster. But in a situation with the spread widening at highs or lows, it can lead to the fact that the bot will not be able to close its deal in profit and the profit will turn into a loss. There may also be situations 3-4 times a year when the price of a financial instrument goes in one direction for a very long time. What to do in such situations?
The first option. When the price reaches a certain extreme, you need to turn off the buy or sell parameter, respectively. The second option. The trader disables the bot before the lows or highs, or closes the deal with his hands, without waiting for the number of points that our VIST system predicts for each timing. Naturally, these points relate to situations when there are timings at this time. The third option. The Trading Advisor deals independently with unprofitable orders. The fourth option. Close unprofitable orders with your hands.
Recommendation: Regularly collect ScalpAuT Trading Advisor! This is the way to win.
1. PARABOLA_LINE - the number (1 candle = 15 minutes) of candles for the parabola.
The PARABOLA_LINE parameter was introduced so that the ScalpAuT bot could open an auxiliary order on the parabola, which will average the unprofitable order opened on timings. There is no visualization of a parabola on the graph, so as not to reduce the speed of the bot. The parameter will be different for each financial instrument. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the optimization process. I repeat once again that it is better not to allow such situations. This creates a huge risk for the deposit. But we definitely need to understand the process of mathematics that takes place at these moments.
So, the first order that was opened by timing turned out to be at a loss for some reason. What happens next? ScalpAuT Trading Advisor is waiting for certain conditions to open an auxiliary order. There can be only two auxiliary open orders. What are the conditions for opening auxiliary two orders?
1. This is the direction of the branch of the parabola.
2. The first order. The price of the financial instrument broke through the previous six-hour extreme. The second order is 1.5 times larger than the unprofitable order. Usually, one order is enough for all transactions to close in profit.
3. The second order. If the first order did not close all orders in profit, then the price must break through the daily extreme in order for the second auxiliary order to open. It will be three times larger than the first unprofitable order. For example. The bot opened a sell order for 1 lot, which is at a loss. The price breaks through the previous daily maximum, and the branch of the parabola is directed downwards. Only in this case the bot will open the first auxiliary sell order. It will be equal to 1.5 lots. If the bot has two sell orders at a loss, then the size of the auxiliary lot will be calculated based on the first open order. But the auxiliary order takes into account all orders at a loss. If the price continues to go down, then after breaking the daily maximum, a sell order of 3 lots will open. As a rule, the bot opens the second auxiliary order extremely rarely.
Attention! Very often, strong price impulses occur at the moment, and the total amount of orders together with auxiliary orders (order) goes into profit. Most often, this is a big profit. Why? The bot has a trawl. It is necessary to close all orders with your hands. Otherwise, the same strong impulse can quickly go the other way and the bot does not have time to close orders. This is due to the fact that the parabola branch cannot quickly rebuild its forecast. There are two conditions for closing orders.
1. The parabola branch has changed its forecast.
2. All orders in total are equal to at least zero.
3. FREE_PRISE – the allowed value of using the deposit to open a new transaction.
The value of Free_prise is the limit (%) of the deposit that you allocate to the bot for the availability of opening new orders at timings with already open orders that are at a loss. What does this parameter affect? Affects the ability of the bot to open new orders.
Example 1. Take $1000. You have set the parameter Free_prise=0.7. If the order or orders have not worked out their profit, then the trading advisor opens transactions until the total loss on transactions reaches $ 300 (30% of the deposit). After that, no transaction will be opened by the bot until the loss is less than $ 300.
Example 2. If you set the parameter Free_prise=0.9. Then the bot stops opening deals if there is already an open deal or deals at a loss in the amount of $ 100 (10% of the deposit). You can adjust this parameter yourself. Each trader has his own threshold of acceptable risks.
Example 3. If you want the EA to open trades in any case, set "0" in the parameter value. Then it will not take into account what the loss of orders is. In this case, the bot will open new orders as long as it is possible.
ScalpAuT Trading Advisor has only 5 or 8 weeks of memory for calculating timings. That is, the ScalpAuT scalper bot does not take into account long trends. In addition, daily and weekly trading channels and a trend forecast along the parabola branch have been added to guide the bot in space. Timings are price time levels. Channels, parabola, horizontal levels are the price levels in space. The purpose of creating a bot is scalping by timings within a day. 95% are bot orders that are closed in profit. This is the total percentage of the weekly forecast for our VIST mathematical system and the intelligent bot system. Only 5% of timings can spoil the mood of the trading advisor and its owner if you do not intervene in this process in time.
If the open transaction turned out to be in a drawdown, then the bot will open the next transaction in the same direction by timing with a volume twice as small.
In what months do you need to be extremely careful not only when managing trading advisors, but also when manually trading on timings? These are the months before the quarterly expiration of options and futures contracts:
February (expiration of contracts in March)
May (expiration of contracts in June)
August (expiration of contracts in September)
November (expiration of contracts in December)
We advise you not to trade on the first and third Fridays of any month. Every month there is a Wednesday when the US announces an interest rate decision. Be vigilant here too. The day and time of the most important news in the month should be in front of your eyes. As well as the opening and closing times of world exchanges. It should be remembered that the most effective work on timings is the second and third trading week.
The ScalpAuT Trading Advisor's work schedule is by default from 04:00 am to 20:00 pm (UTC+3). Winter time is from 03:00 am to 19:00 pm (UTC+2). You have the opportunity to independently set the operating time of the ScalpAuT bot.

Why does a trader need a ScalpAuT Trading Advisor? (or any other bot)

Algorithmic trading or trading with trading advisors has long entered the modern life of a trader. If a trader has a proven algorithm for a profitable strategy, you can always write a bot. With it, you can check the correctness of the strategy for a short and a long period of time.

Traders often want to buy a ready-made trading advisor and immediately place a lot of hopes and dreams on it. Let's figure out what a trading advisor is needed for in order to consciously approach the choice. We will consider the ScalpAuT timing Trading Advisor as an example. What did we need a bot for? In order to automate trading by timings. We needed an assistant scalper in intraday trading. What are the goals of ScalpAuT Trading Advisor?

1. The first goal. Helps us automate trading by timings within a day. ScalpAuT is like a musical instrument for us. According to the market situation, it is necessary to increase or decrease the lot in time, for example. Disable the sell or buy operation in the parameters in time. Our bot is a scalper. Deals are closed by the number of pips that our VIST system predicts. But if we see a continuation of the movement, we disable the bot. The deal that he opened, we transfer to breakeven and set the profit that we expect. Having received a profit on the transaction, we turn on the trading adviser again. Thus, manual trading on timings becomes much more efficient. The bot needs to be collected regularly to reduce the risks.

2. The second goal. Often people buy trading advisors to launch a bot for a certain amount and forget about it for a year, for example. In a year to receive investments and collect the bot. The profit in a long-term investment with the help of a bot will be several times less than in the first point. But if we compare investments in any bank, then in any case it will be more than the amount of dividends in the bank.

3. The third goal. The adviser can act as a simulator in the training of a novice trader. Scalping is trading a large lot over short distances. This requires practice. Where can I get it? First, you need to watch for several weeks how the trading advisor trades on timings in the mt5 tester. Analyze his transactions. Of course, to study the basic rules of trading by timings. Then you can run ScalpAuT on a demo account and learn how to enter and exit a deal together with the bot. The speed of a person is significantly less than that of an adviser. We can't always keep up with him. We know the timings for the week ahead (in the iVISTscalp5 indicator), in the bot for the day ahead. Before trading, you can view timings, select timings with the largest number of pips. And enter only these timings at the first stage of scalping practice. After some period of training, you can increase the lot and the number of transactions by timings. The whole process needs to be brought to automatism. After such training, you will understand that scalping is a great style of trading on timings.

If you are going to buy a bot, then be patient. You need to study the rules of his trade in order to make the right decision in force majeure moments. Take a bot and test it by days, weeks, months and years, optimize it. You analyze his result of victories and defeats. You collect all the statistics and only then make a decision to buy or not. If you still do not understand the logic of the bot, it is better not to buy it. To show amazing trading results of a bot in the form of advertising is a fairly simple task. Therefore, be careful and observant.

What earning options can be expected in the first and second case? We do not consider the third case, since this is the stage of investing in oneself (training). There is another important question: you should study the bot and understand its strategy before you are going to buy it. It may not suit you for various reasons. For example, you have a small initial deposit or the bot does not suit your trading style. Pay your attention to such moments. There is no need to buy a bot spontaneously, after one promotional video. You need to first study the parameters, conduct testing and find out all the nuances of the bot's trading strategy. If you don't understand the basics by which the bot trades, you don't need to buy it. If there are force majeure circumstances in the market, you will not be able to do anything with the bot if it goes into a big drawdown. You will have to turn it off and, if you have time, add more money to it. And then just wait for who knows how long…