Timings. Turn time into money

Timings is an innovative scalping system. From idea to implementation. Basic concepts of time levels (timings). The goal of the project is to teach you how to turn time into money. Timings are the time levels for scalping that the iVISTscalp5 indicator calculates for a week ahead for any financial instrument in the mt5 trading terminal.


The birth of the timing system 

Time to study and make money. With the rapid development of modern technologies, the principles of trading are changing. Trading is one of the most difficult professions. Without training, it is difficult to enter the profession of trading financial instruments. Before you start such a craft, find a teacher. It's difficult, but it's possible. If you study on your own, the process will take longer, but this way is the most effective. If you don't study, then trading will turn into a continuous lottery. Eventually you will lose your capital.
Scalping is an excellent method of trading in the modern world. A trader opens an order with a large volume, and a small movement in his direction leads to a fairly large profit. Scalping by timings (time levels) is a completely new approach in the world of trading.

 What do you need to know for scalping?

1. Which direction (buy/sell)?
 2. Where is the entry (price level or time)?
3. What is the potential of the transaction (number of points/pips)?

All these questions are answered by our VIST project (the mathematical core of our system). Classic scalping takes into account only the price levels for opening an order. We use time levels (timings). Timings contain the answer to the top three points at once. For a trader, a large psychological burden is instantly removed. The time for analysis and decision-making is accelerated. If you combine time levels and price levels, this is 100% success in trading. According to this principle, the iVISTscalp5 indicator was born.


TIMING is the level of time

For more than 7 years, we have been conducting research to determine whether there is any pattern between time and the change in the price of a financial instrument. We found her. Now our products in the form of the iVISTscalp5 indicator and the ScalpAuT bot can help you to always know the time levels for the week ahead, analyze them, and be able to use them in your trading.


A lot of work has been done, but now you have new opportunities for trading on timings. All the most difficult things are hidden inside the indicator and the bot. Simple settings remained on the surface. In the iVISTscalp5 indicator, the parameters can be used by default for any financial instrument. The time scalping system is simple and clear. Only practice will help you quickly learn our scalping method. A trader with any experience, even a novice trader, can use it in trading.

Working with timings is simple: if you see a red flag, you sell at the time indicated on the flag. If the blue flag – buy.

The timings are shown above in the form in which we presented them in the indicator, script and bot. In the mt5 terminal, there are red and blue flags with time at the bottom of the window. These are timings (time levels). Inside each timing is additional information that is needed for analysis and decision-making.


    The timing system gives 90-95% positive forecasts. The most effective time for trading, especially for novice traders, is the second and third trading weeks.
In order to avoid opening erroneous orders by timings, an additional system of basic price levels was created in the iVISTscalp5 indicator. We have also added daily and weekly channels

Timings. Price levels

The power of timing. iVISTscalp5 indicator

Timing analysis